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Michael Zazzali

Michael Zazzali

Co-Owner, Physical Therapist, DScPT, OCS
Stuart Yeh

Stuart Yeh

Co-Owner, Physical Therapist

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No assembly line rehabilitation here.

Let us re-define physical therapy for you.

Physical Therapy Associates of New York is a privately owned outpatient manual therapy practice that emphasizes personalized treatment for orthopedic injuries. Twenty years of experience provides us a distinct understanding of injuries which we combine with the latest evidenced based approaches to deliver the most effective care. We understand that all injuries are unique and a successful rehab necessitates individual attention and good communication with the therapist.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of care which combines accurate evaluation skills, advanced manual therapy, prescriptive exercise, and most importantly, patient education. The more one understands their injury, the better they are able to play an integrative role in taking control of their injury and prevent re-injury.

What others have to say

“…..he (Stuart) literally saved my right knee after meniscus surgery and after only 3 months of working with him, it was as good as my left knee.  To this day, the education he gave me about healthy knee joints and mobility has helped with how I work out and stay safe.”

Lynn HYelp.com

“I cannot stress how critical Mike and the team have been to my recovery and ongoing positivity throughout my injury. While Mike is clearly an expert at his craft, it’s the kindness and compassion with which PTANY treats its patients that I will be forever grateful for.”


“I went here for several months and have nothing but positive things to say about each of the physical therapists. Great place! Highly recommend. I wish I could give it six stars.”

Audrey PYelp.com

“Mike has helped me through three separate sport related injuries. He is extremely thorough and cautious with your recovery. He really understands your needs based on your personal athleticism and regular physical activity, and he pays attention to what your goals are.”

David CYelp.com

“They provide unparalleled service and Stuart is an outstanding physical therapist who truly focuses on and cares about each one of his patients. Thanks to him I fully recover from a significant injury and was equipped with many exercises to continue at home on my own. In addition, the office is very conveniently located, the staff extremely present, and it has an outstanding small gym.

Really, I can’t imagine a more skilled and dedicated physical therapist. I recommend him without any hesitations!”

Jonas G.Yelp.com

“He (Stuart) is a wonder.  I highly recommend him.  Unlike most physical therapists i have seen as a patient, he doesn’t treat me like one more 20 minute appointment in his long day.  He focuses on my particular problem and won’t stop until he locates the source and fixes it.  I feel really lucky to have found him.”

Alice KYelp.com

“When I had my headaches and neck issue I went to 4 different drs around ny.. it was only through Michael and PT that we were able to make the headaches go away and I could have my life back. Michael saved me.

New York is a wonderful and tough place and I have to say that PTANY is like an oasis. not only am I cured of my ailments but I also feel better knowing there are amazing people like Michael left in this city and world! 🙂 ”

Thanks PTANY. I don’t want to be injured again but if I am you know where I am going. 6 stars out of 5!!!!!

BQE i.Yelp.com

“Stuart Yeh and his staff are top of the line.  The office is courteous and efficient.  Stuart took an overall approach to getting me back to 100%.  He lays down his rules at the start and requires that you make a sincere effort to help yourself as well.  He is genuine, personable and a visit you actually look forward to.  I will see Stuart again if the need ever arrives again.”

Jonathan F.Yelp.com

“My doctor highly recommended PTANY for my knee injury.  Now, I can highly recommend them as well.

I found Michael Z. to be compassionate, knowledgeable, informative, skilled, and encouraging.  During the course of my treatment, I progressed from being unable to do much, to back to normal.  The home exercises were challenging but manageable; modifications were made as my knee improved.  Having just graduated, I also have exercises for the future.  I know that I can contact Michael if/when I have questions.”

Mary NYelp.com

“…The receptionists are expert schedulers, appointments start on time and the facility itself is clean and professional. Then there’s Stuart, the best physical therapist I’ve ever had. With his help I’ve overcome 2 injuries. He listens, educates and then responds with appropriate and effective therapy and exercises. He’s also just completely delightful and fun to talk with. If you’re unfortunate enough to need some sort of physical therapy, you’re at least fortunate to find such a great therapist.”

Debbie B.Yelp.com
  • Individualized Treatment

    Full length one on one physical therapy sessions are solely performed by a licensed PT who will see you through your rehabilitation. Consistency and expertise matters, especially when it comes to healing the body.

  • Private Treatment Rooms

    Ensures patient privacy and provides a distraction-free environment for our therapists to deliver the professional care our patients deserve.

  • Manual Therapy

    Exercise is essential for any successful rehabilitation, but nothing can substitute for experienced manual skills to detect the subtleties that underlie most injuries.  Don’t settle for physical therapy that zaps you with gizmos or shuttles you from one exercise to another.  We get to the core of the injury and give you the tools to implement a better path forward.

  • Pilates

    Delivered by a certified Pilates instructor who works with your physical therapist to ensure a safe path to personal fitness.


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