The Backjoy introduces a different approach to seat ergonomics as it cradles the pelvis to sit in an upright position.  The two traditional methods of offering back support include maintaining the lumbar lordosis with a cushion or sitting on an angled surface to wedge the pelvis in an upright position.  The idea of cradling the pelvis into a vertical position is an appealing approach as it creates a better base for the lumbar spine to sit on.  I haven’t tried the Backjoy but a patient with sacroiliac instability swears by it.


Body pillows can be a great sleep aid but they tend to be fairly expensive. IKEA has a very affordable body pillow called the GOSA MÅBÄR which is about 3 ft long and is ideal for wrapping your arm or leg around to help maintain better posture while sleeping.


We often tape the midfoot for severe ankle malalignment problems or acute tibialis posterior tendonitis to relieve the stress of overpronation.  The main problem with this is that it isn’t easy to apply and can break down skin over the course of time.  The Fabrifoam PSC strap may be a good alternative as it is made of breathable foam and is fastened with velcro.  It is important to clean it regularly and make sure it is completely dry before wearing.

Fabrifoam PSC