Ergo Baby Carrier

Low back pain is one of the most common ailments we see after people become new parents.  Often due to poor ergonomics/body mechanics, a person can do herself/himself a favor by limiting stress to their body.  The Ergo Baby Carrier is one of the few products that does exactly that. By distributing the weight of the baby through the pelvis rather than the upper body, there is much less chance of straining the upper back muscles.  I know from experience as we switched from another carrier when we had our daughter.
Makes a great gift for those not knowing what to get for a baby shower!

Ergo Baby Carrier

Sure Grip Handles

These handles grip smooth surfaces to allow for greater stability for those with strength/balance issues when transferring from various positions. These seem lightweight enough to travel with for those hotels which might not be safety equipped.

Sure Grip product search

The Elevator

Just found this on Lifehacker– a much cheaper way to elevate your laptop than the Ergotron. The benefit of the Elevator is that it allows for ventilation under the computer but it does take up more real estate than the Ergotron.
The Elevator- $40 from Griffin