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We often tape the midfoot for severe ankle malalignment problems or acute tibialis posterior tendonitis to relieve the stress of overpronation.  The main problem with this is that it isn’t easy to apply and can break down skin over the course of time.  The Fabrifoam PSC strap may be a good alternative as it is made of breathable foam and is fastened with velcro.  It is important to clean it regularly and make sure it is completely dry before wearing.

Fabrifoam PSC

I have tried several over-the-counter insoles and the one I prefer is made by Superfeet. What I like about Superfeet is that they are lightweight, thin, durable, and have a decent heel cup. This last feature is important because the two most common reasons for overpronation are collapsing of the arch and turning out of the heel. If you know your feet overpronate, a good insole might give them the support they need to reduce the risk of injury.

superfeet insoles

superfeet heel

They are more expensive than those you’ll find at the local convenience store, but the quality is well worth it. They even make a special insole for high heels.

If you have an injury you should first consult your physician or physical therapist to determine if this type of insole is appropriate for you.