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Reebok Speed Pac

If you are looking for a great space saver for your home gym, you might consider these adjustable ‘click’ weights instead of purchasing a full set of dumbbells. Pictured is a pair of 12.5lb dumbbells which adjusts in 2.5lb increments. If you desire heavier weights the same thing is available as one Reebok Speed Pac 25-Pound Adjustable Single Dumbbell that adjusts at 5lb increments. There are several higher end brands(Powerblock & Stamina) which cost a lot more(>$150), but I found these at Target for $50.
Note:  Adjustable ankle weights may be more appropriate for those with wrist/forearm injuries

If you are contemplating joining a gym in the new year, a good option might be to pick up a Fitness Passbook or Yoga Passbook to try some places out. The Fitness Passbook offers 700 passes to over 175 NYC clubs (gyms, dance studios, Tai Chi, kickboxing, etc) and The Yoga Passbook offers 325 passes to over 120 clubs (yoga, Pilates, gyrotonics).

Passbooks are also available for Chicago and Los Angeles
The Fitness/Yoga Passbook