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Patients with chronic muscle/soft tissue tightness often need a method to keep their tissues supple on their own, and one of the better tools available for self mobilization is the Theracane. It is especially good for reaching those hard to reach muscles between the shoulder blades and neck. As it may not be appropriate for some injuries, we suggest you consult your physical therapist prior to purchasing it.


Ice is the best way to decrease inflammation in an injury and although people can use frozen peas for a quick fix, for chronic injuries we recommend a good icepack. We like I.C.E.Down products because they are well constructed, can be wrapped around a limb with velcro, and stay cold for a good amount of time. We often recommend the 19″x6″ pack for multiple regions. (use discount code 5216 when ordering!)

I.C.E. Down

I.C.E. Down

Great for self mobilization of muscles and improving range of motion of the spine, you get these at Amazon.com. We usually recommend the 36″x6″ white foam roll for general use, but often the shorter 18″x6″ might be adequate if you are using it for your lower extremities.

Foam Rollers

Foam Roller at Amazon.com
If you are in Manhattan, Paragon (18th & Broadway) sometimes carries them but often limited in stock.

All Pro Weights

When it comes to getting weights for home exercises for physical therapy we recommend starting with a pair of 5lb ankle weights (10lbs total) which are adjustable in 1/2 pound increments. Because many injuries involve small muscle groups this amount of resistance is usually adequate in the beginning. One can also avoid gripping which can be problematic for those with forearm injuries.

I prefer using the weights with leaded rods rather than those with sewn bags as the sewnbags often eventually break.

AllPro Adjustable Ankle Weights, 5lb pair